09 12 / 2011

so today I went to nga. Her older brother moved out a couple of years ago and visited today, so he tried helping nga teaching me vietnamnese. That was our conversation

Thien: Oh come on Aya…!! Can’t be that hard, can it?! 

Aya: sorry ><

Thien: Never mind…a dumb girl just stays a dumb girl ^^

Aya: …!!! O.O

Thien: What??

Nga: Oh for gods sake thien, sometimes I wished you’d shrink 1cm for every mean comment -.-

Thien: Why? It’s true.

Nga: See?! Now you’d be shorter again!!

Aya: ok, ok. ask me something thien!!

Thien: bạn không hiểu nào (I do NOT take any credit for grammar vocab!)

Aya: …ur mean.

Nga: *saying something not sounding very nice to her brother*

Thien: I know, I know Nga you can’t speak viet either :P

Nga: O.O you…!

Thien: Yes I.

Nga & Me: … =.=

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